STGEC ~ SIA08: Vascular 2: Depression (2008)

San Antonio / June, 2008 – Summer Institute on Aging: Geriatric-Psychiatrist / Neurologist Gustavo Roman, MD, DrHC | UT-VA Teacher-Teacher Talking for the University of Texas Health Science Center [Now “UT Health San Antonio”] in San Antonio, Texas, Bexar County, Texas, USA (since retired) in "Vascular Depression or VaD W / a Focus on Stroke, Artery Coronary Disease and Diabetes) "| Continuing Education courtesy of the South Texas Geriatric Education Center (STGEC) at St. George Catholic Church and the Maronite Center in northwest San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Dr. Gustavo Roman is now a respected and respected neurologist in Houston, Texas and is affiliated with Houston Methodist Hospital. He received his medical degree from the National University of Colombia and has been in practice for more than 20 years.
+ Residence, Fletcher Allen Health Care
+ Internship, Hospital San Juan de Dios, Bogotá
+ Bachelor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Bogota
– Jack S. Blanton Distinguished Presidential Chair for the Study of Neurological Diseases, Stanley H. Appel Department of Neurology
– Professor of Neurology, Institute of Academic Medicine
– Full Member, Research Institute
– Houston Methodist
– Weill Cornell Medical School

Video complementary to:

~ For Optimal Mental Health and Physical As You Get the …
… Quantity of quality sleep (so necessary however however sloppy – Naps are A-OK too)
… Taste of diet and nutrition (more natural avocados and quinoa and less processed orange juice and kiddie cereals)
… Sum of physical exercise (at least walk for cardio and lift nothing to carry weight)
… Sum of Mental Exercise (a challenge enough to create new neurons and & # 39; cognitive reserve & # 39;)
… Moisturizing Ounces H2O (so necessary however so sloppy – and so easy and cheap to fix)
… The amount of social interaction (parishioners, married couples, and pet owners often live longer)
… Controlling your stress (adopt a "take it" mindset while eliminating negativity in favor of compassion)
… Gross optometry and dental visits (eyes and mouth are windows for the heart, brain and other health)

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STGEC ~ SIA08: Vascular 2: Depression (2008)

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