Simple Test Developed for Dementia, Alzheimer`s and Memory Loss

Dementia: Preventing, Stopping and Reverse Dementia, Alzheimer's and Memory Loss Quickly

(August 17, 2015) Houston, Texas August 17, 2015 – Doc Houston Vetter, Doctor of Philosophy (DocResults) has a simple test at the end of the new video of "Stop Dementia" designed to let the individual know if so, A candidate you are, to get some kind of dementia, Alzheimer's or loss of memory. His new program "Stopping Dementia" stops the dementia in the stage in which he is currently and invests. It helps people with memory loss, also known as dementia-Alzheimer's disease, recover memory, clarity and creativity.
According to statistics the area of ​​greatest growth in the field of health is dementia and memory care. Currently there are more Dementia-Alzheimer's Memory Attention facilities being built than any other facility including hospitals. Doc Vetter says, "According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which focuses on the quality of life of fragile populations, the number of Alzheimer's cases, which is the leading cause of dementia, will triple by 2050 to about 16 million Of Americans.

According to Doc Vetter, "A useful understanding of dementia is the degradation (loss) of nerve pathways so severe that it not only affects the mind, but eventually brings your body to a standstill." So the cause of dementia is the degradation of neural pathways.

The current theory is that there is no cure. However, programs like Stop Dementia and others challenge that theory. The Stop Dementia Program is specifically designed to generate new neural pathways to take the place of those who have been lost. The Stop Dementia program works with all current forms of treatment and in all areas of dementia, Alzheimer's and memory loss.

Doc Houston says, "To find out if you may have a problem with some form of dementia, Alzheimer's disease or memory loss in the future, take the simple test at the end of the video" Stop Dementia "and find out."

Houston Vetter


About Feel Better Institute:
Feel Better Institute helps people with that one irritating thing that if it could change, would it do everything in the person's life better?

For more than 25 years the Feel Better Institute has been developing programs and teaching people how to feel better in all areas of life from the physical, mental, emotional to spiritual. As many clients like to say, "If you want to feel better, call Dr. Vetter."

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Simple Test Developed for Dementia, Alzheimer`s and Memory Loss

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