SAT Alzheimer’s Summit | When AD Masks Other Diseases {2016}

2016 Alzheimer's Association (AA) Education Summit (SAT V of V) at this year's venue: Oblate School of Theology Whitley Training Center in San Antonio, Texas, Doing Of San Antonio a city friendly to the dementia ".
Didactics: "When Alzheimer's Disease masks other Mental Illness Diseases" by the geriatric psychiatrist Roberta J. "Bertie" Jones, MD (assistant principal for psychologist Yvonne Lozano, PhD).
Full day, accredited by the EC, mixed event of professional / non-professional training on May 12, 2016 beginning in 0815 and ending in 1630.

Video made for you by a student at the South Texas Geriatric Education Center (STGEC). Please visit AA Online: ALZ.ORG.
Only for the use of MedEd training by federal grant once the GECs are funded. With the support of generous donations to the AA.
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Situation of the Scene: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a slowly progressive brain disease characterized by symptoms such as memory impairment and, finally, disturbances in reasoning, planning, language and perception.
Alzheimer's disease is by far the most common cause of dementia in the United States and most countries in the world.
The probability of having Alzheimer's disease increases substantially after age 70, and can affect about 50% of people over 85 years.
The main risk factor for Alzheimer's disease is increasing age. There are also genetic factors and other risk factors.
The characteristic symptoms and stages of Alzheimer's disease include
~ Problems with performing family tasks,
~ Difficulty writing or speaking,
~ Loss of orientation in time and place,
~ Lose or lose objects,
~ Changes in mood or behavior,
~ Loss of interest in daily activities,
~ Poor judgment.
Symptoms may be present in different degrees of severity.
The cause (s) of Alzheimer's disease are not known. Although, the accumulation of amyloid protein in the brain is suspected to play a role.
The diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease should be based on a comprehensive examination that rule out other causes of dementia.
There are numerous causes of dementia, so having the characteristic symptoms does not necessarily mean that a person has Alzheimer's disease.
Treatment and management of Alzheimer's disease consists of drugs and non-drug-based treatments.
For the purposes of this talk, AD can imitate or mask other mental illnesses and often a highly trained geriatric psychiatrist is needed to solve everything. {Source:

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Video credits to GEC MedEdVids YouTube channel

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SAT Alzheimer’s Summit | When AD Masks Other Diseases {2016}

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