Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease with Diet

The role of the Mediterranean diet in the prevention and treatment of dementia.

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What are the seven risk factors? That was covered in more detail in my previous video: Alzheimer's Prevention with Lifestyle Changes (

There has been an explosion of research on the Mediterranean diet recently, with about 500 articles published in the last year. I will be doing a series in depth taking a deep immersion. To date I have only done a few that dance around the periphery:
• Dietary Guidelines: Everything is Greek for the USDA (
• 50 shades of green (
• Restriction to methionine as a life extension strategy (
• Increasing the shelf life of beans (
• Fibromyalgia versus mostly raw and especially vegetarian diets (

I have a lot of dietary factors in cognitive impairment, however:
• Build a Cognitive Portfolio (
• Invert cognitive decline (
• Improve memory through diet (
• Theory of Alzheimer's (
• How to delay brain aging in two years (

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Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease with Diet

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