Os 25 alimentos mais alcalinos – prevenção contra câncer, diabetes, Alzheimer e doenças coração!

The 25 Most Alkaline Foods – The Real Prevention of Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer's and Heart Disease!

Who does not know what products processed, sugary and with chemical ingredients are bad for health?
That is, most people are aware of this, but fast-foods, for example, are still not full.
This type of food alters the pH of our body, causing terrible consequences.

To help you maintain your health and well-being, we will present a list of alkaline foods that should be consumed regularly:
1. Chard
This is one of the most alkaline foods.
It protects us from viruses, bacteria and free radicals.
2. Melon
This fruit helps to eliminate toxins and alkalinize the pH.

Watermelon is also very beneficial.

3. Buckwheat: replace traditional wheat with buckwheat.
In addition to not having gluten and increasing our energy, this wheat, if consumed regularly, improves cardiovascular function.
Where to buy buckwheat?

In good natural products stores.
If you do not find it in your city, surely you can buy it online in a virtual store.
4. Lilac
This seed is highly alkaline, with fiber and lots of vitamin E.

What does that mean?
It can combat inflammations and reduces the symptoms of menopause.
Do you want to know other alkaline foods?
See here:
– Avocado: composed of healthy monounsaturated fats that strengthen the heart.
– Banana: it is delicious and nutritious.
– Blackberry: is rich in antioxidants.
– Carrot: contains beta-carotene and is known for the ability to improve vision.
Garlic: regulates blood pressure.
– Broccoli: lowers cholesterol.
– Grapes: contains many vitamins and antioxidants, in addition to being optimal for hypertensive.
– Pineapple: provides a healthy weight loss.
– Sprouts: are easily digested and full of enzymes and provide hormonal balance.
– Lemon: Alkaline fruit, despite having the acidic flavor; Prevents colds, coughs and flu.
– Cauliflower: excellent anticancer.
– Cauliflower: rich in antioxidants.
– Orange: rich in vitamin C, strengthening immunity.
– Marine algae: abundant in iodine and iron and greatly decrease the acidity of the organism.
– Quinoa: regulates the sugar in the blood.
– Cucumber: formed by 90% of water, which leaves the skin healthy and younger.
– Salsa: detoxifies intestines.
– Sleeve: cleans the colon.

– Papaya: it is a natural laxative and releases toxins from the colon.
– Panzo: alkaline cereal; Better than rice.
– Arugula: it has a lot of calcium and vitamin A, excellent for the body.
(In English)
This is a news channel on home treatments. It does not replace the work of a specialist. Always consult your doctor.

Video credits to Elda Wichmann YouTube channel

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Os 25 alimentos mais alcalinos – prevenção contra câncer, diabetes, Alzheimer e doenças coração!

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