Mentally Fit Forever: How to Boost Your Brain Power at Any Age – Audiobook

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Written by: Lee Pulos
Duration: 6 hours and 7 minutes
Spanish Language
Millions of Americans over 40 have a secret fear that their memory is not what it used to be … they may be entering the early stages of an inevitable slide into oblivion, looking for names or facts, confusing thought and Eventually The word "S" senility. They have good reason to fear. More than 50 percent of Americans over 60 experience some loss of mental acuity including Alzheimer's disease. And yet, scientific research is proving that it does not have to be that way! The reality is that you can be sharper as you get older, if you start now to take care of the most important of all the organs, your brain. And even if you are already experiencing memory loss, you can do what hundreds of others have already done to reverse the process! Many of us fear something that is no longer true, we can grow more intelligently as we age. You do not have to suffer the consequences of age-related memory loss, nor do you have to be the proverbial weak 90-pounder at the Scrabble table. You Can Build Your Brain Power and Be Mentally Fit Forever! It is easy to train the mind! With the recommendations you will find from psychologist and mind expert Dr. Lee Pulos, you will discover not only how to recognize cognitive abilities that fail or disappear, but how to enrich and amplify your natural brain power. Mentally Fit Forever is not a program to build your memory in the traditional sense. There are no mnemonic devices, in fact, there is no system at all to memorize! The program focuses specifically on brain physiology and overall brain health. For years Americans have been bombarded by programs of weight loss, heart health, nutrition and exercise for a healthy body. But this is the first program of its kind that talks about your most important physical asset in your brain.
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Mentally Fit Forever: How to Boost Your Brain Power at Any Age – Audiobook

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