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Well, I've been married to Merlita Allred. She is known at The Retreat at Sunriver here as Sugar, and we moved here 12 years ago, almost 12 years ago. And when we were here, we noticed that Sugar was going through some problems and she had to stop playing Bridge. She could not remember her cards she told me, and even taught me. . . After I retired, I turned off my computer forever and thought, "John, you're going to have to start doing the finances now." She had it all figured out.It was a very intelligent lady, very talented musically.He played piano and accordion for the ear.

It works in your family. Alzheimer runs in his family. Her grandmother and her father had it. She lost a brother three years ago to Alzheimer's. So we decided, well, we'd better start getting ready, and I wanted it to be confirmed. We went and saw a doctor, and the doctor says it looks like he has Alzheimer's. That was not good enough for me. I wanted to confirm it, and there was a CT scan, a CT scan actually, and that's a confirmation that tells you that plaque builds up in the brain and so on. And so we did confirm and from that moment, we tried to plan our lives. We joined the Alzheimer's Association, and they had some clinics and things like that, so they prepared us. She helped us figure out how to do things financially and healthily, and I took care of Sugar for about seven years before moving her to the Retreat.

Once the Retreat was being built, I went down to the Ridgeview where Karen Brown was supervising down there. I was also impressed with that place, so impressed, so happy they were building a place here, and so we waited the last few months, and those were very difficult months. It is very difficult to have a spouse, a person that you like so much, and to know that you are no longer able to help her. She will never improve, so we decided after all these years of living together, it would be better for her to enter a more socially connected place where there are other people, people trained to help her and also where there could be some inter-social things with others. We were able to relate to other people. So we made the move in March, and we are very glad we did. We are so impressed with the staff here. They have always been very kind to us. If we have a problem, which you always do, you can talk to them, and they will try to help improve the situation.

It felt good to bring her here because I live right here. I can come here once or twice a day easily, and they let me feed her. If I can not feed her, they will feed her. You need 100% assistance. That's dressing, showering, everything as well as food, and I'm so glad we joined this place. I have never had any regrets about this place. Some people go somewhere and are worried about food and all that. I've never had any problems like that at all.

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The Retreat in Sunriver
Address: 4480 S Arrowhead Canyon Dr,
St George, UT 84790, United States
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Phone: (435) 256-8900

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Memory Care Center in St George, Utah | The Retreat at Sunriver

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