Is Queen Elizabeth Suffering From Dementia

For your information – Is Queen Elizabeth suffering from dementia?


The queen found the grounds of Buckingham Palace wandering at 3 am – confused with the intruder and almost shot! Classic scenario of nocturnal dementia warning.

Monday 2 January 2017

The information coming to me – suggesting that the Queen of England is suffering from mild dementia as the new powers of 2017 take over, so she is fighting.

Monday 2 January 2017

The Queen loses the service of the New Year's church.

Since the attempted murder of two members of the Rothschild family she does not go to public places that can not be controlled.

Saturday 24 December 2016

Two weeks ago an assassination attempt was made against some members of the Rothschilds, so the English Queen withdrew as Patroness of the charities of so many children and why the current Pope is considering resigning his position

Tuesday 20 December 2016

The Queen resigns from running 30 charities for children.

Long live the queen

Source: Focus Sessions | By Lynn

Q. Can you describe what is happening to Queen Elizabeth? During the recording of his recent annual Christmas speech, he tried to expose "dark forces of the Illuminati" who were "threatening their children," according to a BBC source. She has been under house arrest since then, and was unable to attend the Christmas service "due to the cold."

Royal's official website recently published an article about his death: "The death of Queen Elizabeth II" Statement appeared before being removed (If you really passed away, what will happen next?

A. First I hear that she is "having problems with clarity". Many people experience memory problems as they grow, but this feels extreme. She is forgetting things, and making statements in the normal conversation (both public and private) that have people (The Powers That Once Were). I can not see that she passed, but I see her quarantined to portions of the palace. The "powers" near her seem to worry enough to make her check if there is a stroke, etc., because this is felt to occur abruptly. In a rash decision to do "damage control" in their current health situation, and I got in a lot of trouble for it). They quickly retracted the statement and regrouped to evaluate how best to deal with this, since they do not trust it in public.

Then I get that they have their planned "death event" occur when they are 92 (alive or not). That gives them time to plan each step of the process, and get new "associates" in their position. In the meantime, they will use a double body when absolutely necessary, and will avoid appearances enough to keep the plan "safe", but not so much as to ruin the "illusion."

And that's all I have in this reading. Thank you. Love and light- Lynn

Does Queen Elizabeth have Alzheimer's? Can not Remember Kate Middleton, Prince William's Wedding, Report Says

Source: Inquisitr | Jonathan Vankin, October 14, 2014

Queen Elizabeth II is suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, a brain condition that causes memory loss and a limited ability to think clearly, and the reigning British monarch often forgets that Prince William and Kate Middleton were married , Among other harrowing lapses. He says.

Queen Elizabeth II has occupied the throne of the United Kingdom for 62 years and seven months, ascending to the monarchy on February 6, 1952. Her reign still leaves the 88-year-old queen one year less than the record of 63 years And seven months That her great-grandmother Queen Victoria reigned over the United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth Alzheimer

But Queen Elizabeth II has shown very few signs of slowing down or her health is seriously challenged, even at her old age – unless this new report of her Alzheimer's disease is correct.

The caveat is that the report originates with a national tabloid of American supermarkets, The Globe, the source of numerous celebrity rumors, some of which are accurate, and many others are not. But given her age, the Globe report of Queen Elizabeth's neurological problems is not a stretch to believe. According to the Alzheimer's Society in the United States, one in six British citizens over 80 suffers from some form of dementia, and Alzheimer's is the leading cause of dementia symptoms.

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Is Queen Elizabeth Suffering From Dementia

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