Is it Worth Switching from White Rice to Brown?

What happens when brown rice is tested in a randomized crossover controlled trial?

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Here is the link to the video that I quoted: If white rice is linked to diabetes, what about China? (

More about paella spice saffron:
• Saffron against Prozac (
• Saffron for PMS Treatment (
• Saffron for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (

If brown is good, what about all the even more colorful varieties? See Brown, black, purple and red as opposed to white on rice (

For another interventional trial with whole grains, take a look at whole grains that can function as well as drugs (

What about the so-called "rice diet"? See:
• Kempner rice diet: whipping us in shape (
• Drugs and the disappearance of the rice diet (
• Can diabetic retinopathy be reversed? (
• High blood pressure may be an option (

How could the simple difference between whole and refined grains make such a big difference? For a clue, you'll have to wait until my next video. Intestinal dysbiosis – hungry for our microbial self (

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Is it Worth Switching from White Rice to Brown?

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