How To Deal With Memory Loss Patients

What will dementia cost you?

People may not have considered what dementia will cost, but if not one will probably be really stunned and not in a pleasant way. Why should you think about how much dementia will cost you?
First of all let's understand exactly what dementia is. It is not really just a disease. There are many types of dementia. Mental impairment is a standard term for a decrease in mental capacity severe enough to interfere with everyday life.

The longer the dementia, the worse it gets. As your neural pathways break down, you lose your ability to connect with your physical body. It first appears in the area of ​​consciousness and as the disease progresses the rest of your system can not maintain the ability to communicate with itself so much that one can suffer loss of control of their physical functions and then can become In incontinence.

One may be pondering, why should I think of dementia? Or something in the sense of, I will not get dementia. Well, according to the Alzheimer's Association their odds increase to 1 in 7 as they age and by 2015 numbers increase by 40%.

There are some factors that you should think about how much dementia it can cost you

1) You're never really getting any younger, and the older you become the greater your likelihood of getting dementia or Alzheimer's, which is the main type of dementia.

2) Without realizing the expenses you have no idea how much of your savings are consumed in the form of medical professional consultations, home care, peer care, memory care and memory care centers.

3) In case you do not consider how much dementia care is, your lifestyle will be significantly affected.
How much will dementia cost?

The New England Journal of Medicine figures for 2010, which is 5 years ago in this dementia writing about $ 42,746 to $ 69,834 … $ 215 billion and Medicare paid less than 5% of that amount. Really make sure and read well, FIVE years ago cost, certainly not millions but $ 215 billion dollars. And less than $ 11 million of it was paid by the federal government's Medicare program. That is certainly a lot of money regardless of who you are. Could you imagine exactly what that expense would be today?

Let's look at just one aspect of dealing with dementia and that is just the aspect of housing. As dementia gets worse people often have no choice but to place their loved ones into a memory center to take better care of their loved ones.

And according to in 2012 the average price of memory care for a single resident was $ 5000 and, of course, the cost has increased. That's $ 60,000 a year only in accommodation. In today's economy there are fewer people making $ 60,000 per year of salary and that's before taxes are extracted.

Can you see now why it is so important to determine how much dementia will cost you?

One of the important things that encourage people to achieve is to do everything possible to decrease the likelihood of being afflicted with any type of dementia. The best method we have identified is a program known as "Stop Dementia" because it does the only thing that has to be done. Structurally dementia is the degradation (loss) of neural pathways and the Stop Dementia program in fact allows it to build all new neuro pathways.

Houston (DocResults) Vetter, PhD is an expert working in the Elder Care industry, helping hospitals, retirement communities, assisted living and memory care centers; Including home health, hospice, peer care agencies offer more effective solutions for and for your patients and staff. Browse to read the 28 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Dementia Stop Program Right Now.

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How To Deal With Memory Loss Patients

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