How To Care For Someone With Parkinson’S Disease

What will vascular dementia cost you?

You may not have considered how much dementia will cost you, but you will not be really surprised and not in a pleasant way. Why should you think about how much dementia will cost you?
First let us become aware of what dementia is. It is not really just a disease. There are numerous types of dementia. Mental impairment is a general phrase for a decrease in mental capacity severe enough to hinder life.

The longer dementia goes the worse it gets. As your neural pathways deteriorate, you lose your ability to connect with your body. It is first shown in the area of ​​consciousness and as the disorder progresses the rest of your body loses the ability to interact with itself so significantly that one may suffer loss of control of their physical functions and may become incontinence.

You might be thinking, why should I think about Alzheimer's disease; Or something on the line, I will not get dementia. Well, as explained by the Alzheimer's Association their odds increase to 1 in 7 as they age and by 2015 the percentages increase by 40%.

Of course, there are some good reasons you need to consider just how much dementia will cost you

1) It is never really getting younger and the older you become the greater your likelihood of being a victim of dementia or Alzheimer's, which is the main form of dementia.

2) Without knowing the cost you have no idea how much of your financial savings are eaten through doctors consultations, home care, couple care, memory care and care facilities memory.

3) If you never consider how much dementia care is, your quality of life will be significantly affected.
How much will dementia cost?

According to the New England Journal of Medicine for the year 2010, it is 5 years ago in this dementia cost around, $ 42,746 to $ 69,834 … $ 215 billion and Medicare paid less than 5% of that. Now be sure to read and read that right, 5 years ago it rose to, not millions, but $ 215 million dollars. And less than $ 11 million that was covered by the federal government's Medicare program. That's a lot of money regardless of who you are. Can you imagine what this spending could be now?

We will see an element of dealing with dementia and that is only the element of housing. As dementia worsens people often have no choice but to put their loved ones in a memory center to take better care of their loved ones.

And according to in 2012 the typical cost of memory care for a single resident was $ 5000 and naturally the cost has gone up. That's $ 60,000 a year just for housing. In today's economic climate there are certainly fewer and fewer people making $ 60,000 annually of income and that is before taxes are extracted.

Can you now understand why it is so important to find out how much dementia will cost you?

One of the important things that we recommend that people do is do every little thing they can to lessen the possibility of being afflicted with any form of dementia. The best way we have identified is a program called "Stop Dementia" because it performs the only thing that needs to be done. Structurally dementia is the breakdown (loss) of nerve pathways and the Stop Dementia program literally helps you build all the new neuro pathways.

Houston (DocResults) Vetter, PhD is a specialist who operates in the Elder Care industry, helping hospitals, retirement communities, assisted living and memory care centers; Including also Home Health, Hospice, Companion Care offer more effective services to your patients and staff. Go read through the 28 reasons why you should get the dementia program to stop right away.

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How To Care For Someone With Parkinson’S Disease

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