How Can We Include People With Dementia In Our Community?

FreeDem Films aims to address their fears about memory loss and dementia and provide practical advice on brain health. We understand that you worry about losing your memory and fear of dementia. Each of our films answers a key question related to brain health and dementia that will increase your understanding of how memory works, dispel your fears or inspire you to consider your brain health and take actions that will improve the quality of your life .

Brought to you by the NEIL program

The NEIL Program aims to develop, evaluate and deliver NeuroEnhancement to older people around the world.

Lack of cognitive function prevents millions of older adults from living independently.

Our goal is to enable independent living and improve the quality of life through:

Conducting research aimed at the prevention of dementia and cognitive improvement;
Transform this knowledge into empirically substantiated interventions;
And the use of this information to educate and train older adults to maintain their cognitive function for as long as possible.
See for more information.

Enhance / Enable / Educate / Enable

Nola barnera dezakegu gure komunitatea dementzia daukan jendea?
Comment inclure des personnes démentes dans notre entourage.
Can you enjoy the kitchen and the communal kitchen?
How can we meet dementie betrekken bij onze samenleving?
Wie können wir Menschen with Alzheimer's disease in unsere Gesellschaft integrieren?

Korean courtesy of Misook Ahn.
Subtitles in Spanish courtesy of Licet Valois.
Subtitles in Dutch courtesy of Mirjam Schepens.
Subtitles in Basque courtesy of Unai Díaz-Orueta.
French courtesy of Jacques Gatard and Jennifer David.
Italian courtesy of Valentina Gigliucci and Simona Salamone.
Subtitles in German courtesy of Jean Maples

Video credits to Sabina Brennan YouTube channel

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How Can We Include People With Dementia In Our Community?

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