Dementia Care in the Care Home by BVS Training

Following the title of Understanding Dementia this video focuses on developing dementia care skills. Practical in nature, this title explores the ways in which care workers can adapt daily routines and practices to support a person with dementia. Point to:

* Improve understanding of communication difficulties that can be experienced while also considering how feelings can be expressed through behavior
* Develop good verbal and non-verbal communication skills in caregivers and encourage them to consider factors that can further improve effectiveness
* Explore ways in which people with dementia can participate in the activity to improve their quality of life, while keeping them safe
* Encourage the use of person-centered skills to improve the quality of care given

Topics covered include:

The person-centered theory of dementia • Person-centered skills • Understanding people with dementia • Effective communication skills • Involving people with dementia in activities • Keeping people safe

Duration: 31 minutes DVD in 7 sections to be used in a suggested 2 hour training session.

Skills for Common Induction Standard Care (Revised 2010) 7.3
Health and Social Assistance NOS / NVQ Units 27, 29, 210, 211, 213, 214, 218, 226, 35, 344, 31, 369 and 382

QCF: Diploma of Health and Social Welfare (England) Units 202, 204, 205, 210 and 308 DEM

QCF: Health and Social Care Diploma (Wales and Northern Ireland) DEM Units 204 and 210

Video credits to BVS Training YouTube channel

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Dementia Care in the Care Home by BVS Training

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