BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER BROKEN : Canadian Dr Todd Mainprize does the impossible

This opens the way for revolutionary new treatments for brain cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, stroke, Parkinson’s, and more.

The blood-brain barrier has been broken for the first time in history. Doctor Todd Mainprize, of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, and in concert with other neuroscientists, has successfully broken the blood-brain barrier

The procedure, which took place earlier in the week according to CTV News, was used to successfully treat Bonny Hall’s brain tumor by non-invasively delivering medication deep into the brain using microbubbles and focused ultrasound to force cancer medication through the blood-brain barrier.

The treatment involves first dosing the patient with medication. Afterward, harmless microbubbles are injected into the bloodstream, and a high-intensity ultrasound beam is directed at the tumor, causing the microbubbles to vibrate. This gently tears the proteins around the capillary walls, allowing the medication to painlessly and harmlessly enter the brain tissue, something that has been impossible to achieve up to this point.

Hall’s tumor was what is known as a glioma, a type of tumor that is difficult for doctors to treat through surgery due to its tendency to spread out in a web. Attempting to remove all of a glioma from a patient’s brain surgically is almost invariably fatal. Patients with glioblastomas (stage four gliomas) survive an average of one year, and almost never survive beyond three with conventional treatment. Doctors can use chemotherapy to treat the remaining parts of the tumor, but at best, 25 percent of the chemotherapy drugs reach the brain due to the blood-brain barrier. Chemotherapy has to be very carefully administered, as the drugs can be fatal themselves in greater doses; it’s not simply a matter of increasing the treatment.

Dr. Mainprize is extremely enthusiastic about future applications for the blood-brain barrier bypass treatment.
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Video credits to Chandresh S YouTube channel

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BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER BROKEN : Canadian Dr Todd Mainprize does the impossible

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