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Are you sleeping like a baby, not caring in the world?
Are you getting the dream you need? Do you wake up in the morning groggy and want to stay in bed the next 10 more minutes?
In this video, I want to give some tips that you can use to sleep better so that you can wake up ready to face your work, your wife, you

What You Need to Appreciate Insomnia

Eight to nine hours of quality sleep are typically what most people need to avoid insomnia and maintain a healthy body. When you do not get sleep, you need, your body produces excess hormones to compensate for this, which over time creates disease and illness.
During the night, your body is busy digesting, repairing, rebuilding and detoxifying your body. As you sleep, every hour each organ has its turn in rejuvenation and detoxification of itself. Also, during REM sleep, when you dream, your mind is cleansing unfinished thoughts and feelings. These feelings and dreams may be related to the activity of the previous day and can reach your child's experiences.
It is best to go to bed early and sleep what your body needs. You want to go to bed, most of the time, at the same time each night and wake up also a particular moment.
When you pull and turn and wake up frequently at night, you are not getting the rest you need. This shaking is usually stress or anxiety that you allow in your life. By reducing this stress, you can start to have a better sleep.
Insomnia is a condition in which when you wake up you feel that you have not had enough sleep and maybe you have lost in 2 to 3 hours of sleep. If you experience insomnia for a while, you can exhibit,
• lack of concentration
• increase weight
• insulin resistant
• increase blood pressure
The reason why sleep deprivation is so critical is that it increases blood levels of two hormones – cortisol and ACTH. These hormones are related to other chemicals, which are inflammatory and cause degenerative diseases like,
• Osteoporosis
• Neurodegenerative disorders
• Cardiovascular disease
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Cancer
Therefore, you want to make sure you get a good sleep, unless you want to be predisposed to these and other deadly diseases.
The actual cause of your insomnia is not a simple medical condition. The editions of the dream arise from a multitude of problems that hit through his body. But, the real causes of insomnia can arise when you,
1. Having a hormonal imbalance
2. Having stress, anxiety or depression
3. Hypoglycemia
4. Nutritional deficiencies
5. Diseases such as lung or heart disease
6. Active Mind
7. Need for recreational or prescribed prescriptions
8. Excessive use of caffeine, tobacco or alcohol
9. They are obese
There are many things you can do to overcome insomnia. But, the first thing you want to avoid is to use drugs or medications that you can get at a drug store. The second thing you can do is increase your exposure to sunlight. What this means going out in the sunlight during the day for up to 30 minutes. This reduces the production of melatonin and prepares you to release melatonin when the day starts to get darker.

A third thing to do is to see the illumination of your home. As the night comes to an end, and you are approaching near bedtime, you want to limit your exposure to the bright home light. This high intensity light delays the release of melatonin and prevents it from falling asleep quickly. Start dimming your home 1 to 2 hours before bedtime.
There are three tips to help you sleep better. There are 12 tips that are available to make sure you get the quality of sleep you need to ensure it forms a foundation for a healthy life.
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