2016 Environmental Dangers Causing People Harm Throughout The World

Environmental pollution in the form of nuclear and chemical wastes from different industries as well as genetic pollution through GMOs and pesticides in food and water supplies are wreaking havoc the people, animals, and the environment.

In the UK, scientists announced the discovery of the first chemical that is linked to the incidence of dementia, Alzheimers, Motor Neuron Disease, and other neurological disorders.

The chemical linked with these neurological disorders is called BMAA, and it is produced from algal bloom in the presence of pesticide runoff that leaks into fresh water lakes and reservoirs.

The danger of BMAA is that it enters the ecosystem and food supply through plants (blue green algae and Spirulina) and fish.

Another similar danger happening in the United States is Flint water crisis in Flint, Michigan near Detroit. Through the mismanagement of the Flint water supply and lack of accountability of EPA regional chief Susan Hedman, the Flint water suppy is now dirty, murky with high levels of lead. This lead has been found in the blood of children in the area. Lead has been shown to cause learning disabilities, lower IQ, and behavioral problems in children.

Why is this important?

If environment is polluted with many harmful chemicals it eventually makes its way to the food and water supply and thus these chemicals ultimately effect not only the human genome but also the developing fetus in a womb. Thus, harmful man-made chemicals eventually cause developmental disorders and birth defects in babies.

An example of this was in India where a woman gave birth to a new born who had an undeveloped head and extremely bulging eyes. This newborn died within 48 hours. Doctors at the Sai Nursing clinic in India say that this was caused by irregular eating foods (most likely GMOs) and food laced with harmful pesticides.

Along these lines, the increased reports of Zika disease, the man made disease spread through mosquitoes, are now spreading throughout the tropical regions in the world such as South America (Brazil), Central America, Caribbean, and Polynesia. Doctors are now warning women to get pregnant until 2018, which is an extreme measure to take early in the disease. The Zika disease causes developmental disorders in newborn children such as underdevelopment of the brain and other birth defects including the paralysis.

All of this is evidence of just how harmful environmental chemicals including GMO foods and pesticides eventually wreak havoc on the human body and eventually new born babies. Do your best to stay away from GMO foods and make sure to wash off any pesticides in fruits and vegetables.



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2016 Environmental Dangers Causing People Harm Throughout The World

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