🔥 Pi World Record Attempt for Alzheimer’s Day by Top USA Memory Athletes, Nelson Dellis & Brad Zupp

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▶ Pi attempt for world record for Alzheimer's Day by USA US Memory Athletes Nelson Dellis (4x US Champion of Memory) Brad Zupp (USA Record Breaking Memory Athlete
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In order to raise Alzheimer's awareness, Nelson and Brad tried to break a world record by memorizing 10,000 digits of Pi and getting the test in random 5-digit chunks. They needed to give the 5 digits before and 5 digits later.

The technique used is known as a palace of the mind where you turn every set of numbers into pictures and store them along a path in your mind.

To find out how this works, go to:

Please go to: help Dart Neuroscience find a solution to memory problems like Alzheimer's and Dementia.

The first 100 digits of Pi

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(15 minutes), binary digits (5 and 30 minutes), speed cards (5,10,30 minutes), long cards (1 hour), spoken numbers (1 second), speed numbers Minutes and 30 minutes), long numbers (1 hour), historical / future dates (5 minutes), names and faces (5 minutes), names and faces (5 and 15 minutes), random words

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Video credits to AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel YouTube channel

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🔥 Pi World Record Attempt for Alzheimer’s Day by Top USA Memory Athletes, Nelson Dellis & Brad Zupp

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